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As a parent/legal guardian I give permission for the registrant to participate in all phases of camp activities. I understand and agree to cooperate with all camp and Girl Scout regulations. I will not allow registrant to attend camp if not in good physical condition. In an emergency, when the parents/guardians cannot be reached, I give permission for the camp authorities to take any emergency measure deemed appropriate. It is understood that all reasonable efforts will be made to contact the parent/guardian.

I certify that the health history provided above is complete and accurate. My child has permission to engage in all prescribed activities, except as noted above. In case of illness or injury, I give permission for her/him to receive first aid, and to receive emergency treatment from a licensed physician, emergency medical technician, or other health care professional. It is understood that all reasonable efforts will be made to contact the parent/guardians.

By typing my name below and clicking “I agree” button, I acknowledge that I fully understand and agree to all provisions of this Permission and Release and that this action is equivalent to signing a printed copy of the Permission and Release. I also agree to complete this registration electronically.
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