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Camp Shirts - Please note that we do not want you to alter your shirts before camp. The only alterations that can be made are signatures on Friday only. If you alter your shirt before then, you will be required to buy a new one.
Where would you like to work at camp?
Please indicate your choice of assignment at camp.
1=1st choice, 2=2nd choice, 3=3rd choice, 4=No interest
Caution! Choosing `No` interest for too many items might affect your ability to be placed as a PA if no space is available!
Daisies (1st grade)
Brownies (2nd-3rd grades)
Juniors (4th-6th grade girls)
PAITs (7th grade girls and boys)
Rainbow (Craft/Cook/Fire/Knots/Knives/etc)
Young Tagalongs (3-5 year olds)
Young Boys (5-8 year old boys)
Anywhere Needed
If you are placed in a Rainbow Station, which one would you prefer?
Rainbow PA’s must plan to attend the Saturday before camp set-up day and participate in training ahead of camp. Exceptions will be made as necessary but are discouraged as it is an important time to learn the curriculum and ensure the station is working as a team.
Please rate your choices below. You may also list a possible buddy or buddies, and whether being in your station is more important to you, or being with your buddy. There are no guarantees about placement, however preferences are taken into account whenever possible.

1=1st choice, 2=2nd choice, 3=3rd choice, 4=OK, 5=No Interest in this Station      
Navigation (formerly Geocaching)
Silverlights & float
First Aid
Anywhere I am needed
*Please ensure your buddy request is reciprocal - we will only attempt to place buddies together where both PAs have requested each other.
Is it more important for you to be in your station or with your buddy?
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Why are you interested in becoming a Program Aide at Day Camp?
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