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Calling All Cats Rescues Adoption Application
Personal Information
E-Mail:*Valid e-mail is required
Please complete the application in its entirety. APPLICANTS MUST BE OVER THE AGE OF 21 YEARS OF AGE. If a question does not apply to you or your situation simply respond to that question with N/A. Please note that all applications are reviewed and verified this includes but is not limited to; veterinary references, personal references as well as pet policy if you rent and home ownership verification if you own. If you reside with your parents or another family member please include their name & t# in the landlord field so they can be contacted to verify that your adoption of an animal is mutually agreeable. Home visits are required as part of the application approval process. Thank you for your understanding that this process is necessary to ensure that the adoption process is sucessful not only for the animal but for the potential adopter as well. Applications are reviewed by rescue Volunteers no later than FRIDAY of each week in preparation of oue weekend adoption events. After reviews are complete, phone calls and emails are made after 4pm that day. Please keep an eye on the email address provided on your application as emails are periodically sent when additional information or clarification is needed on application details. Failure to respond or ommitance of required information on your application will further delay the processing of your application. Calling All Cats Rescues has the right to refuse an adoption applicant at our discretion. Thank you for choosing to adopt!
Adoption fees are non-refundable!
First Name:*
Last Name:*
Spouse/Partner/Housemate Name:
Address Line 1:*
Address Line 2:
Zip Code:*
How long have you lived at your current address?*
If less than three years, please list previous address?
Marital Status:
Date of Birth:
How many children live in the home:*
How many adults live in the home :*
Do all adults work outside the home:*
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Name, Address & T# Employer*
Length of employment:*
Do you:*
Own your property
Rent your property
Live with your parents
If renting, does lease allow for pets?*
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If renting please provide landlord`s name and telephone number:*
Additional landlord contact information
Do you agree to a member of CACR Application Review Team completing a home visit?*
Adoption Related Information
Calling All Cats Rescues Volunteers will review your application in its entirety including vet references, landlord reference to verify pet policies, references as well as reserve the right to request a home visit to finalize the appliciation if we deem necessary. PLEASE NOTE THAT IT IS THE ADOPTION POLICY OF THE RESCUE THAT ALL EXISITING ANIMALS IN THE HOME BE SPAYED AND/OR NEUTERED. Thank you for choosing to save a life and adopt!
Which pet are you interested in?*
How did you hear of our rescue?*
Adoption Event
Other Event
Flyer/Business Card
Friend/Previous Adopter
Reason for adopting a cat:*you may choose more than one
Do you have a fenced in yard?*
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Do you currently own a pet?*
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Please list all companion animals you currently have:include type of pet & age
Will they adjust to a new pet?*
don`t know
Are current pets spayed/neutered?*
If no, please explain:*
Have you ever had a pet declawed?*
If yes, please explain?*
Do you plan on declawing your pet?*
If yes, please explain?*
Where will this pet spend most of it`s time?*
How many hours a day will your new pet be without human companionship?*
Pets usually require minimum cost of $500 per year for veterinary care, food, and other related expenses.
Are you willing and able to afford these costs?*
Yes No 
Please note that many veterinarians require either a verbal or written release before they will complete a vet reference check with Calling All Cats Rescue. Please contact your facility to verfiy their policy and give the proper release as this will delay the review process of your application.
Do you currently have a veterinary facility to provide care for the cat listed on application?*
Veterinary Facility Name*
Facility Address*
Telephone #*
Date other animals last seen at above facility?*
Current on vaccinations?*
don`t know
Are all other animals spayed/neutered?*
don`t know
If animals not spayed/neutered please explain:*
If animals spayed/neutered or seen at facility other then current vet please provide name & T#*
Have you ever had to give up or find another home for a pet in the past?*
Yes No 
If yes, please explain?
Ever had a pet euthanized?*
If yes, please explain:*
It is Calling All Cats Rescues policy to assure all of our cats remain in loving forever homes. For this reason, we ask that upon serious illness, disaster or death has consideration and thought been given as to the welfare of your newly adopted family member?
Illness/Death Care Plan*
Yes, I have a care plan
No, I do not have a care plan
Please give Care Plan details including names and T# if applicable:
Please provide two (2) references that over 21 years of age, DO NOT reside with you and/or are not related to you. Also, T#`s are required. Applications that provide just an email address will not be considered.
Reference #1: Include Name, Relationship, Address, Phone# & Email Address:*
Reference #2: Include Name, Relationship, Address, Phone# & Emaill Address:*
Additional comments from applicant:
Please note that if your application is approved and you adopt from our organization our adoption fee includes the spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations, deworming, FIV/Felv testing & micro-chip registration. Adoption fee is accepted in the form of cash or check. As a 501(c)3 you adoption fee is considered a tax deductible donation.
All of the information I/We provided in this application is true and correct. I/We give Calling All Cats Rescues permission to check and verify all references and information stated. I/We understand that any willfullness to intentionally provide false or misinformation will negate this application or any adoption if it is determined I/We misrepresented said information. If any information changes, I/We will advise Calling All Cats Rescues immediately.
APPLICANTS ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE: Please indicate you agree by entering your full legal name below starting with `s/`.
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