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2020/21 KSC Rookie Camp Registration
PLEASE NOTE: You will receive a reminder email regarding tryouts, including any additional instructions, after Sept 1st. Have a great summer!
Events - Please choose only one camp
Sprocket Program Timeslot Preference *NOTE: Juniors swim a M/W/F schedule
If selected as a Sprocket, I would prefer my swimmer to be in:*
Parent Contact Information
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First Name:*
Last Name:*
Address Line 1:*
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Postal Code:*
Swimmers Details
Swimmer 1 Name:*
Swimmer 1 Last Name:*
Gender Swimmer:
Date of Birth Swimmer
Swimmer 2 Name:
Swimmer 2 Last Name:
Gender Swimmer:
Date of Birth Swimmer
Swimmers 3 Name:
Swimmers 3 Last Name:
Gender swimmer:
Date of Birth Swimmer:
Please check anything that applies to your family.
We are transferring from another club.
We are already members of KSC (sibling tryout.)
We were members of KSC in the past and wish to return.
Additional Comments
Is there anything you would like us to know about your child prior to tryouts?
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