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If you have questions regarding SA Materials Orders, please email abby.tmta@gmail.com or call 512-927-7355.

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Theory Materials
Theory test sets include ear training keys.

The TMTA Theory Tests and Ear Training files are property of Texas Music Teachers Association and are protected by U.S. Copyright Laws. By purchasing and downloading these files you agree that the files will be used only within your studio and will not be shared.

Tests and aural training files for the current season will be available one week after the official testing period is over (after the 4th Sunday in November for the current fall test and after the first Sunday in March for the current spring test.)

Both theory tests and audio files are available as a digital download ONLY. Shipping is not charged for digital files.
Theory Study Test Sets*
Theory Answer Keys*
Aural Training Files*
*These items are digital files. NO SHIPPING IS CHARGED FOR THESE ITEMS.

World of Music Materials

The following WOM Test sets are available as a digital download.
Digital WOM Study Test Download*
*These items are digital files. NO SHIPPING IS CHARGED FOR THESE ITEMS.

Printed Materials
Tests are printed on white paper and permission to photocopy is granted.
World of Music Study Test Sets
Answer Keys
Answer Keys for Review Pages
Grade 1 Student Book
Grade 2 Student Book
Grade 3 Student Book
Grade 4 Student Book
Grade 5 Student Book
Grade 6 Student Book
Grade 7 Student Book
Grade 8 Student Book
Grade 9 Student Book
Grade 10 Student Book
Grade 11 Student Book
Grade 12 Student Book
Membership Pins
Student Affiliate Pin
Texas Music Teachers Association Pin
Certificates and Membership Cards
The following items are provided at no charge.

SA Performance Certificate
SA Participation Certificate
SA Senior Certificate
SA Theory Certificate
SA Theory Division Certificate
SA World of Music Certificate
SA World of Music Division Certificate
SA Membership Cards
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Shipping is not charged for digital downloads. Do not include the price of digital items when calculating shipping fees.

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