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Davis Memorial Foundation Scholarship Application
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About the Foundation
The Davis Memorial Foundation is proud to establish this scholarship fund in memory of Larry and Mary Davis. Larry was an integral part of the roofing industry for many years serving on several roofing industry association boards which included the RCA of California and Western States Roofing Contractors Association. Larry and his wife Mary perished in a 1995 airplane accident near their home in Modesto while returning from a WSRCA Committee meeting. This fund was established to honor their support for industry education.
To develop qualified professionals through education and to award those who have the desire to continue to improve their quality of life.
All candidates must be:
1. High School students, undergraduate or graduate students
2. Technical or vocational trade school students
3. Provisionally accepted as students into undergraduate or graduate degree programs for the coming academic year by accredited colleges, universities or vocational education programs.
Entry Requirements
The following data is required from each candidate:
1. Submit all digital application forms by April 13th, 2018
2. A transcript of all High School and College records*. (As applicable)
3. A transcript of all Technical Trade programs’ records.* (As applicable)
* An official transcript may be requested, prior to awarding of scholarship from the applicants’ current school or program, at the sole discretion of the Trustees
4. A letter from the College, University or Technical Trade program indicating provisional acceptance of the proposed course of study.
5. Letter of recommendation from at least one current faculty member.
6. Include items #2-6 mailed as one packet to the Davis Memorial Foundation office by April 13th, 2018
1. No set limit in the amount of scholarship(s) will be awarded. In 2018, the Davis Memorial Foundation will be awarding scholarships in the amount of $5,000 each.

2. Although the intent of the Davis Memorial Foundation Scholarship Award is to recognize an outstanding nominee, should candidates rank equally in the judgment of the selection committee, the level of financial need should be considered the final criteria.

3. The scholarship will be sent to the bursar of the Trade School, College or University of disbursement where the scholarship winner will do his or her undergraduate or graduate work.

4. For purposes of allocation, the funds of this scholarship are to be used with the following priorities (1) tuition, (2) book purchases, (3) room, board or other school expenses.

5. All scholarship awards will be formally announced and presented at the Western States Roofing Contractors Association Annual Convention, the Western Roofing Expo. All recipients are asked to be present at the annual convention to accept awards. One night stay at the headquarter hotel will be paid by the award program and must be made through the WSRCA office.

Deadline for all entries, including all required data, must be postmarked/submitted by April 13, 2018.

Davis Memorial Foundation Scholarship Fund
275 Tennant Avenue, Suite #106
Morgan Hill, CA 95037
Tel: (650)938-5441 or (800)725-0333
Fax: (650)938-5407
1. The Board of Trustees has the sole authority for granting the scholarship awards. The scholarship recipients will be selected based on (in no particular order):
• Scholastic Achievement
• Extracurricular Activities which Demonstrate Leadership
• Financial Need
• References
• Awards and Honors
• Community Involvement
• Employment or Volunteer Experience
• Industry Relations
• Unique Life Experiences

2. All applicants selected as finalists may be subject to a personal interview with representatives of the Board of Trustees. Finalists will be notified prior to May 14, 2018.

3. This Scholarship will be awarded without consideration of race, sex, age, religion, disability or national origin.

All selections are considered final. All applications and attachments become the property of the Davis Memorial Foundation Scholarship Fund.
Please complete all sections of this application. Use N/A if questions do not apply. Only applications and materials submitted by April 13, 2018 will be considered for evaluation.
*Full Name:
*Full Name of School currently attending:
*School Address:
*Home Telephone:
*School Telephone:
*Present Age:
*Date of Birth:
*Number of Dependents:
*Parent or Legal Guardian Name:
Are any members of your immediate family presently employed in the roofing industry?
*Family in Roofing Industry:
Name & Relationship:
Please list (2) current faculty members as references, and attach a letter of recommendation from at least one - along with your transcripts, letter of acceptance, and other documentation being sent to the Davis Memorial Foundation office.
1. Name:
2. Name:
*Social Security Number:
By checking the box below, I agree that the application and accompanying documents may be used for evaluation and selection by the Davis Memorial Foundation Board of Trustees. I also state that all information provided is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. False information is cause for disqualification. Trustees reserve the right to obtain official transcripts prior to the awarding of any scholarship(s).
*Check Box
Employment History
List below full-time employment, summer employment, or other part-time work, briefly explaining duties and responsibilities (beginning with your most recent job). If part-time work, indicate number of hours per week.
Dates Employed:
Company 1:
Contact Name & Telephone:
Duties Performed
Hours Per Week:
List below full-time employment, summer employment, or other part-time work, briefly explaining duties and responsibilities (beginning with your most recent job). If part-time work, indicate number of hours per week.
Dates Employed:
Company 2:(If applicable)
Contact Name & Telephone:
Duties Performed
Hours Per Week:
Financial Information (Complete All Fields)
*Marital Status:
Total Household Income(Including Spouse or Parent)
What percentage of your college education and living expenses do you personally provide or expect to provide beginning in the current school year?
*What Percentage of Expenses:
Including yourself, how many members of your immediate family will be in college next year?
*Immediate Family in College:
How many are receiving financial assistance in the form of scholarships or grants?
*How Many Receive Assistance:
Do you have a Basic Education Opportunity Grant? (BEOG) If yes, how much?
Describe briefly in annual dollars amounts estimated for college costs: (Per Year)
Name & Relationship:
Living Expenses:
Books & Supplies:
Indicate the amount of support, per year from the following sources: (Please do not include funds provided by personal support, not related to these sources)
Part-Time Work:
Summer Work:
Loans (Specify):
Scholarships (Specify):
Other sources of income (Specify):
Scholastic Information
Provide names, cities and states of high schools, colleges and or universities you have attended or are currently attending, most recent first. Be sure to indicate month and year of anticipated graduation.
High School:
Vocational/Technical Program:
Two-Year College:
Four-Year College:
Provide a chronological history of your activities if NOT continuously enrolled in school since high school graduation. History should begin immediately after high school graduation until the present time. Include specific month, year and type of activity.
Chronological History:
If you are currently enrolled at a college or university, indicate:
Month & Year of Enrollment:
Current Year in School:
Anticipated Graduation Date:
If you are currently enrolled at a college or university, or are planning to transfer to another school, list below those colleges to which you have applied or to which you intend to apply. (In order of preference)
In what program do you expect to get your degree?
Degree Program:
Specify grade point average and send a transcript for the school you are presently attending.
(1) High School Senior - provide transcript and GPA based on courses completed to date.
(2) Transfer Student - either High School or College, provide a complete transcript from previously attended school in addition to any available grades from present school.
(3) College Freshman - provide cumulative High School GPA, High School transcript and transcript from any college grades recorded to date.
(4) College Sophomore - provide same information as college freshman, if freshman grades were on a pass/fail basis.
(5) Graduate Student - also provide undergraduate transcripts.
*Grade Point Average:
Extracurricular Activities
In what extracurricular activities have you participated while attending High School? College? Indicate elected offices held, if any. Specify purpose of local organization.
Student Activities:
Community Activities:
Additional Information
Why are you interested in your career choice, and what event, or series of events have led you to this decision? Where possible, explain how your previous work experiences will relate to your career.
Career Choice Reason:
What has been your most important extracurricular activity, your most important contribution to it and what has your participation in it meant to you as an individual?
Most Important Extracurricular Activity:
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