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Park passes cover the arenas and boarder track. Every person using the park must have a pass.
Ride Passes:
Annual Pass
Annual Pass (Minor w/ Parent Consent)
Monthly Pass
Daily Pass
Overnight rate with shavings is $31.00 per stall (1 horse per stall). Additional nights are $20 each. Shavings not included for additional nights. Boarding must be ordered at least 3 days in advance.
Overnight Stalls:
Number of Nights:
Start Date:
Stall Rentals:
A monthly riding fee will be assessed with each stall rented ($17/month)
Tack Room:
Hay Storage:
Per month
Shavings Bin:
Unload Hay / Push shavings into bins (Boarders), per hour
Trailer Storage:
Open Paddocks:
Per month, (6 horses maximum at any time)
Per month, (2 horses maximum at any time)
Walker Spaces:
Loading only, no delivery. Self-loading is free of charge.
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