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Registration for KWCHEA
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Business Information
In order to help support our members who own their own businesses, we would like to include a directory of those businesses as part of our phone book. If you would like information about your business added to our directory please fill in the information about your business. A business is considered to be a service or product provided in exchange for money.

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The policies can be found at http://www.kwchea.ca/register_kwchea.html
I have read the Statement of Purpose and the Statement of Faith and acknowledge that KWCHEA operates according to these principles.

I understand that my name and email address will be listed in the KWCHEA directory.

I agree to respect the privacy of others in our group in regard to sharing of personal contact information. As a member, I agree not to misuse the personal information by sending email forwards, selling contact information, or soliciting in any form.

I understand that as part of my membership, I am entitled to use the KWCHEA library. In the event that an item is damaged or lost, while signed out on my card, I agree to pay the cost to replace the item.

Please check to indicate agreement with the above statements.


Group Directory
Our group directory helps members to better interact with each other. We encourage you to include your information in the directory, but you can elect to not include all of the information. Please indicate below what information you do not want to be included.
Do NOT include spouse

Do NOT include Phone #

Do NOT include address

Do NOT include children

Release of Liability
We are a loosely organized not for profit group of Christian families. The leadership is made up of those who have volunteered their time to organize activities for KWCHEA.. Participation in any event is strictly voluntary, with no member being required to attend any meeting or event. Neither KWCHEA, nor its leaders, nor its members are liable for any injuries or damages whether connected with a group event or not.

At every event, parents or a designated care giver are responsible for their own children. Under no circumstance can KWCHEA, its leaders, or its members assume any liability for the safety of participants at any meeting or event.

It is expected that any member or spouse or child or guest who damages property or who causes injury, either willfully or through neglect, will take personal responsibility for his action. However, KWCHEA, its leaders, or its members will not be involved in any way in such situations. Any person, whether member or not, who has such a claim will be directed to discuss the offense individually with the party he believes to be responsible. The outcome of such a problem is out of the realm of responsibility of KWCHEA, its leaders or its members.
I have read the above release of liability and agree to hold KWCHEA harmless in the event of any damages or injuries to me, or my spouse or to the designated care giver that I have appointed to be responsible for my children at an event, to my children or to my property. I further understand that it is my responsibility to inform a person taking my place at an event, of the release of liability that has been signed, and that their attending the event places them under this release of liability.

Please check to indicate agreement with release of liability

Family membership is $43 per family.

Associate membership is $10. Members of KWCHEA in good standing for more than 5 years, may choose to become an associate member of the group if they are no longer homeschooling, and their children have reached high school level or beyond. See full details at http://www.kwchea.ca/register_kwchea.html

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