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IAH 2019 Booking Changes
Edit My Rego Form
Registration NumberIf Known
*Your First Name
*Your Last Name
Explain to Babe exactly what you want to do so he doesn`t screw anything up.
Dear Babe,
I am adding a second passenger to my cabin or transferring my cabin to the person below.
My card information is below to pay for the additional passenger`s taxes and beverage package.
First Name:Exact Name on Passport
Middle names are not needed. First and last names only to match passport.
Last Name:Exact Name on Passport
Hash Name:
Home Hash:
Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)
Address Line 1:
Address Line 2:
State or Province
Zip Code:
Credit/Debit Card Information
If you or adding a second person to your cabin and need to pay the additional taxes and beverage package OR if have been notified that your card number that was originally submitted was declined or invalid, please enter correct card information here.
Card Number:
Expiration Month:From your card
Expiration Year:From your card
Card Type:
Security Code:3- or 4-digit code
Card Mailing Address:
Triple/Quad Cabin Request for Inside and Oceanview Cabins
We are restricting all cabins to double occupancy until the ship fills. At that time, we will allow a LIMITED number of 3rd/4th hashers to be added to cabins. Please note that this ship has small inside and oceanview cabins. See the photos on the web site. Knowing that, if you would request a cabin that holds a 3rd/4th hasher, please select below. All efforts will be made to assign the cabin of your choice but only suites are guaranteed to have 3rd/4th availability.
Request Triple CabinHolds up to 3 hashers
Request Quad CabinHolds up to 4 hashers
Modified Wheelchair Cabin Request
There are 4 cabins (2 oceanview and 2 inside) that are modified to accommodate a wheelchair. If you need to request one of these, indicate below. Only those who truly need wheelchair access will be able to book these cabins.
Request Modified Cabin Wheelchair Accesible
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