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Stark & Billings SCD 2022 Tree Order Form

Order trees for the 2022 Spring Planting Season. Trees must be ordered
by no later then Dec.31, 2022.
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Please check box if these trees are being
planted for a conservation planting or
replacements for existing windbreak.
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Russian Almond
3-5’ low, suckering shrub, excellent for wildlife, pink showy flowers

6-14’ thorny, thicket forming, alkaline tolerant, fruit prized for jelly making

6-14’ drought tolerant, long lived, alkaline tolerant, yellow flowers

Nanking Cherry
6-10’ moderately fast-growing, winter hardy, short lived shrub, small pink flowers, edible fruit

Sand Cherry
3-5’ winter hardy, drought tolerant, fast growing, short lived, white flowers, edible fruit

Black Chokeberry
5-8’ medium multi-stemmed shrub, foliage is green turning wine in fall, edible fruits, dark purple

Common Chokecherry
12-25’ hardy, suckering, creamy-white flowers, edible fruit

Schubert Chokecherry
12-25’ hardy, suckering, purple foliage, edible fruit

8-12’ spreading, open & upright arching branches, red, non-edible berries

8-12’ native shrub found in wooded moist areas, fruit eaten by birds

Golden Currant
3-6’ small shrub, fragrant, yellow, clove scented flowers, purplish or black edible fruit

7-10’ rapid growth, multi-stem shrub, dark blood red bark provides winter color

6-10’ spreading, Large white flower clusters, purple-black fruit

15-20’ white flower followed by bright red fruit, zigzag growth with thorns, non-suckering

10-12’ spreading, winter hardy, moderately drought tolerant, yellow to pink flowers

6-15’ hardy, medium to tall, suckering, white flowers, blue/black berries edible

Common Lilac
8-12’ hardy, spreading branches develop oval to round crown, showy, fragrant flowers

Villosa Lilac
9’ dense shrub, non-suckering, blooms later than other lilacs, flowers light rosy/white

Amur Maple
15-20’ doesn’t like alkaline soils, sensitive to phenoxy herbicides, outstanding bright reddish fall colors

6-12’ multi-stemmed thicket, clusters of black/blue fruit persist into winter for birds

8-10’ thorny, winter hardy, thicket forming, white flowers, edible fruit

Hansen Hedge Rose
4-6’ stems upright, semi-weeping, thorny, rose hip fruit, showy pink flowers

Woods Rose
3-4’ forms dense thickets, spiny, pink flowers

8-14’ medium to tall, multi-stemmed suckering shrub, tolerant of dry soils, high pH & salinity

3-6’ hardy, alkaline tolerant and drought tolerant shrub.

3-8’ spreading shrub, forms dense mass of stems & leaves, scented leaves & light yellow flowers
Machine planting trees (1000’ minimum) $22/100 foot planted. Weed Barrier application (1000’ minimum) $45/100 foot applied
Number Needed

25-60’ tree with chalky colored bark, high moisture required, short lived

10-15’ fast growing, rounded, spreading form, winter hardy & drought resistant

Green Ash
30-40’ hardy, native, drought & alkali resistant, single trunk, oval to elliptical crown

30-40’ fast, short crooked trunk, divides into several stout and widespreading branches

Black Cherry
20-30’ multi-stemmed to single stemmed, fruit similar to chokecherry

Crabapple, Flowering
15-20’ pink to white flowers, foliage green to red in color

Crabapple, Siberian
15-25’ round to spreading, white flowers, edible fruit

Seedless cottonwood, less height and longevity then native cottonwood

Cottonwood, Native
50-100’ large, fast growing tree, seeds resemble cotton

Elm, Siberian
25-40’ hardy, fast growing, open with several ascending branches

40-60’ Similar form to Am. Elm, gray, stucco-like bark, single trunk, broadening crown

Linden, American
50-70’ medium to large landscape tree for its large stature, shade and aromatic flowers

Silver Maple
40-50’ fast growing, upright with strong spreading branches, plant in protected sites

Oak, Bur
40-70’ large, long-lived, with deep tap root , excellent for wildlife food & cover, slow growing

Ohio Buckeye
20-40’oval to rounded crown,palmate compound leaves,terminal candlelike flowers

Olive, Russian
15-25’ tolerates saline/alkaline soils, branches random & spreading, thorny, silvery leaf color

15-25’ white flowers, semi-glossy foliage & dense, variably round form, fruit is hard

40-60’ fast growing upright spreading branches, requires moist sites

Golden Willow
40-50’ large, low branching tree with slender drooping branches

Black Walnut
35-45’ large oval to rounded crown, plant in protected sites
Number Needed

Cedar, Eastern Red
30-35’ slow growing, irregular, pyramidal crown

Juniper, Rocky Mountain
20-30’ slow growth, dense pyramidal, upward reaching branches

Larch, Siberian
30-60’deciduous conifer, needles very soft, green, turning yellow/orange & shed in the fall

Pine, Ponderosa
50-70’ pyramidal when young becoming irregularly-oblong & open crowned with age

Pine, Scotch
25-50’ pyramidal when young, becoming more rounded and open with age

Spruce, Black Hills
30-60’ broad pyramidal to conical crown

Spruce, Colorado Blue
30-65’ branching is broad & dense, branches extending to ground
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 Price: $1.50 per tree
Total Amount Due at Spring Pickup