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Caring Acres - Anita
*Your Name (supervisor)
*Your Title/Position
*Employee Being Evaluated
*Employee Title
Supervisor Assessment
Please answer the following questions based on the job performance of the employee being reviewed.
*Employee delivers the highest quality of work, following established Caring Acres processes, policies, and procedures
Agree Disagree 
*If Disagree: Please explain
*Employee completes their work with little to no coaching from their supervisor
Agree Disagree 
*If Disagree: Please explain.
*Employee communicates well and clearly with their coworkers and supervisor
Agree Disagree 
*If Disagree: Please explain.
*Employee is committed and passionate
Agree Disagree 
*If Disagree: Please explain.
Assessment Continued / Improvement Goals
*Has this employee completed any additional accomplishments?
*Are there any aspects of this individuals work where they need to improve (set goals as needed)?
Employee Section
This section should be filled out by the employee being evaluated.
*Do you (employee being reviewed) understand the duties and expectations required of your role?
Yes No 
*If NO, Please explain:
*What additional activities, resources, training do you need to be successful?
*Would you like to add any additional comments to your evaluation (accomplishments, trainings, etc)?
Yes No 
*Additional Comments:
Certification and Filing Instructions
I certify that the information that is contained in this review is true and accurate.
*Supervisor Signature:
Employee Signature:
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