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Asheford`s $845 Black Friday Special Offer
*NOTE: This specially reduced enrollment application form is a Final Offer of discounted tuition for the Asheford Institute Of Antiques e-Course training program, and may not be used in conjunction with any other offer. This promotional discount is for a limited-time only, and may be changed, revised or removed without notice by the school at any time.

Asheford e-Course Registration

Please select ONE of the following Payment Plan Options (A or B) for the Asheford e-Course. (Choose EITHER Plan A or B). If you wish to add the ``optional`` USPAP and PACC testing to your Payment Plan option, select the appropriate box within your Payment Plan selection

PLAN (A) $845.00 as Payment IN FULL (SAVE $450!)
$845.00 Plan (A)
845.00 (As Payment in FULL)
PLAN (A) $845.00 + $297.95 FOR USPAP & PACC = $1,142.95 (INCLUDES: Optional National 15-Hour USPAP Course & Asheford-PACC Compliance Examination)
$1,142.95 Plan (A) with USPAP & PACC
1,142.95 (Includes USPAP & PACC)
PLAN (B) $945.00 - $25.00 with enrollment and $35.00 each month thereafter until the full price of $945.00 is paid. Your monthly tuition is $35.00 (SAVE $350!)
$945.00 Plan (B)
25.00 (Enrollment)
PLAN (B) $945.00 + $297.95 FOR USPAP & PACC = $1,242.95 (INCLUDES optional National 15-Hour USPAP Course & Asheford-PACC Compliance Examination. $25.00 with enrollment and $35.00 each month thereafter until the full price of $1,242.95 is paid. Your monthly tuition is $35.00)
$1,242.95 Plan (B) with USPAP & PACC
25.00 (Includes USPAP & PACC)
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Accept The Terms Of The Asheford Enrollment Application & Contract
e-COURSE: I accept the terms and conditions of the ENROLLMENT APPLICATION & CONTRACT (including the use of international merchant services for reoccurring or one-time tuition payments), and have also read the TUITION SETTLEMENT POLICY (listed below), and agree to be fully bound by the terms listed in each of the aforementioned documents. TUITION SETTLEMENT POLICY: 1. No refunds will be issued after the risk-free 5-day e-Course examination period. 2. If an e-Course cancellation request occurs when students have received more e-Course materials & services than they have paid for, they will be required to pay the ``balance`` owing on their account for any e-Course materials & services that have already been rendered (this balance is subject to a pro-rata formula calculated by the Institute, and is based on the number of e-Course lessons & services already received by the student). 3. Students who withdraw after the risk-free 5-day e-Course examination period, will be subject to a $50.00 Early Withdrawal Fee, in addition to any pro-rated tuition fees still owed to the Institute. 4. Outstanding tuition fees for e-Course materials and services already received, will automatically be charged to students credit card information on file upon request of e-Course cancellation. TUITION POLICY: Students on monthly tuition payment plans, who wish to complete e-Course study Plans in less than thirty-seven days, will be required to pay the pro-rated amount for subsequent study Plans in advance in order to proceed. In addition; if student accounts becomes delinquent by 3 payments or more, consecutively or otherwise, e-Course access may be suspended, and students will be required to pay the pro-rated amount for each subsequent Plan of study before any further e-Course ``pass-codes`` can be released. SHIPPING *TERMS: Students switching Course formats, once enrolled, may be liable for transitional, administrative and shipping fees. UNPAID ACCOUNTS: If credit is granted to the stated applicant in this form, he or she is responsible for payment of the account. I/we do further agree that in the event the account must be released to the Credit Bureau or placed with a collection agency and/or attorney for collection, the stated applicant is responsible for reasonable attorneys fees and/or collection fees and service charges. IMPORTANT: Under Federal law; any holder of this consumer credit contract is subject to all claims and defenses which the debtor could assert against the seller of goods or services obtained pursuant hereto or with the Proceeds hereof. Recovery hereunder by the debtor shall not exceed amounts paid by the debtor hereunder.
*"I Accept The Terms Of This Agreement"
I accept the terms of the Enrollment Application & Contract agreement
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