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Thank you for your interest in our services. By providing the information below you can assist us in providing you with the closest possible estimated quote without having to come in and personally seeing your home. We at Quality Cleaning Maid to Order LLC and Home Care Referral Agency respect your privacy and do not believe in high pressure sales. If you check the box at the bottom of this form that you wish to be contacted this once only we will delete all your information after 3 months and you will need to provide it again if you want services/ quotes after that time span.
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One time deep/ spring clean
One time only lighter cleaning
Once a month services - whole home
Every other week (bi/wkly) - whole home
Every week - whole home
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Partial home only (please add notes in the comment section)
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Windows and screen cleaning
Other services
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desired frequency of services *
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preferred days to be cleaned*
Monday (am - 9 -12 noon)
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Wednesday (am - 9 -12 noon)
Wednesday (pm - 12 noon - 4pm)
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500 sq ft - 1000 sq ft
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3001 sq ft - 3500 sq ft
3501 sq ft - 4000 sq ft
4001 sq ft - 4500 sq ft
4501 sq ft - 5000 or more sq ft
Parking situation *
Parking avail in front or back of home (very close access)
Guest parking only avail (short haul from home)
Parking is very limited (long haul may be required)
# of bedrooms and baths *
1 bedroom/ 1 bath
1 bedroom / 1.5 baths
2 bedroom / 1 bath
2 bedroom / 2 baths
2 bedroom / 2.5 baths
3 bedroom / 1 bath
3 bedroom / 1.5 baths
3 bedroom / 2 baths
3 bedroom / 2.5 baths
4 bedroom / 2 baths
4 bedroom / 2.5 baths
4 bedroom / 3 baths
5 bedroom / 3 baths
5 bedroom / 3.5 baths
Other - please note in comments section
Extra services required
Windows washing
Oven cleaning
Refrigerator cleaning
Wall washing
Steam cleaning floors
Power scrubbing floors
Other - please note in comments section
Clutter levels*
Empty home / no furnishings
Little to no clutter
Average clutter
Slightly more than normal clutter
Very cluttered
Soil levels*
Little to no soil/ build up
A slight amount of soil/ build up
Average soil/ build up
Slightly more than normal soil/ build up
Very soiled / lots of build up
Last time home was cleaned*
We clean regularly but we have better things to do with our time
We clean occasionally but don`t want to fight it anymore
We clean only when we absolutely need to (its been awhile)
Don`t judge me please if I say never
We try to answer all requests for information received during our normal working hours within a 4 hours of receipt. Requests received after hours or on days that we are closed may not be answered until our next business day.

Upon receipt of your request a representative from Quality Cleaning Maid to Order LLC or Home Care Referral Agency will contact you and provide to you the information / quote that you are requesting. Please be advised that all quotes are based upon assumptions that homes are in average condition per your descriptions . Extreme soil, build up and clutter will assuredly increase pricing. If we find upon entering the home that the conditions do not match what we based our quote on we will contact you first before starting work to discuss any pricing changes or prioritizing your needs so that we can fit your budget

Scheduling is based upon availability. We try our best to fill your requests but popular days and times fill up quickly and may not be available.

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