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Jordan Giant Schnauzers PUPPY PAYMENT FORM- Tina 816-866-6104
Contracts and payments are between Buyer and Kristina Jordan with: ``Jordan Puppies LLC`` Garden City, MO
Write any checks or money orders out to Jordan Puppies L.L.C..
Please call me if you need help filling out the form. I can walk you through it.
Puppy is not on hold until payment clears and I have told you your number on the deposit list or u r listed as owner on our site.
If deposit is for a future puppy you will get an update when pups are born and then again at 5 wks of age. You must choose your puppy within a few hours of me contacting you to do so or I will have to go to next person on list while waiting on your decision so you may not get a pup you want if the next person chose it first while I`m waiting on you to get back to me. It is extremely important to keep an eye on your phone on the 5 wk birth day and a few days after that which are the days of choosing. Only put a phone number and email you will be checking regularly at that time on this form. I have many people on my deposit list that also have to choose pups in only a few days time frame so be alert when it is time to choose so you have your first choice from the available puppies. You understand by sending deposit that you will have up to 3 chances to choose a puppy the sex you wanted. If you refuse puppies we offer you, you the buyer will be removed from deposit list and refund is forfeited after the 3rd puppy refusal. This keeps people from just sitting on our list and ignoring my TIME TO CHOOSE emails. If I send you an email and text and you ignore it, that counts as one of your 3 puppy refusals. Thank You
BELOW: New Owner Questionnaire. If I feel your answers do not fit the puppy you want I will call you to discuss a change.
If it is ever found that buyer has misrepresented themselves or lied on this form then Breeder has right to void any and all health contracts as well as AKC certificates, and dog must be returned to said breeder. This is to keep our pups from any commercial mills that lie on purchase contracts to get breeding stock. You must put your name in the next box below as BUYER agreeing to this. I am not against a small hobby breeder with just a few dogs, but will not approve a home with lots of dogs as a home for one of our pups. They need one on one attention, socializing, and training that is not possible in a home with lots of dogs.
I BUYER, understand guarantee is void & pup returns to breeder if I lied on this form. Your Name:*
How many pets live in the home and their type and age?*
Is dog going to be just a family pet? Service animal? Protection? Breeding? Special Events? Explain:*
ALL PUPS, NO MATTER QUALITY, ARE VET CHECKED BEFORE LEAVING AND COME WITH THAT PAPER. All pet puppies are only sold as pet quality which may have faults that would not make them great ``Conformation`` dogs, but are still great family pets. All Top Quality pups are sold with no guarantee on breed ability, even if sold with full registration papers for conformation and or breeding. No refund is given in event your puppy does not turn out as you wanted as an adult. A lot can happen in the growing of any dog making them different quality adults than they were as a young puppy. You must call and discuss wanting full registration. Full Rights is only given at breeder`s discretion. A Giant puppy with full akc is $3500 because it needs to be a TOP QUALITY pup, and all our TOP QUALITY pups are $3500. If your puppy is less in cost you maybe able to pay the difference for full akc if dog seems to be good enough quality for full rights, you would need to ask us on an individual bases.
What are you wanting in a new pet? Do not write questions on this form. If questions you must call.*
Why is your home a good place for this puppy?*
How did you find us? Friend? Magazine Ad? Pets4you.com? breeders.net? AKC.org? search engine? etc...*
Your Veterinarian`s Name and Phone number:*
You have called your vet and given them permission to talk to me, Kristina Jordan when I call them:*
Puppy Information
Puppy Description, Name on site, or TBD:*
Male Or Female?:*
No matter what price you write in below line: If you fill out this form you agree to pay price of puppy given at 5 to 6 wks of age if this is for a presently unpriced or unborn puppy. Price maybe $3000 to $3500 cost. DEPOSITS ARE NOT REFUNDED IF YOU DECIDE YOU CAN NOT AFFORD A PUPPY AT LATER DATE! If puppy is not yet priced most people just write the price range below of ``$3000 to $3500 TBD``.
Puppy Price: Put ($3000 to $3500 TBD), unless pup is already priced. If TOP QUALITY wanted put $3500*
Shipping Section: Read Shipping paragraphs on the PAYMENT / HEALTH GUARANTEE page of our website for how shipping will work.
Shipping / Transport will be by a 3rd party transport that only transports a few pets at a time. It will most likely be a ground transport that drives pup all the way to your home. We do not guarantee safety for any transport, so if worried at all, plan on picking your pup up in person from our home as soon as ready to leave. As with all our pups, person that paid for the puppy MUST be the person that pup is handed to at transfer so we have proof the person that paid has received their puppy. If you use a transport they will ask for your ID and will take a pic of it and you with your pup. If picking up in person, bring your ID with you. If you absolutely have to send another person, then that person`s name (NAME ON THEIR STATE ID), MUST be on the actual payment you sent as a note for picking pup up for you. So when you send the deposit, you would need to put on the actual wire or credit card payment in notes section the person that will be picking up for you. We will also need (YOUR), the new owner that paid ID sent to us as a photo by email or text if your not going to be present at pick up.
Add New Owners Name that is on your ID here, also answer next box below:*
If you are having another person meet for your pup in your absence, Their name on ID or put N/A:*
IF PICKING UP YOUR PUPPY AT OUR HOME: Please respect that our property is under bio-security so DO NOT BRING ANY PETS OR ANIMALS ONTO OUR PROPERTY. This is to protect our young puppies from disease as well as protect your pet from our protective dogs that are not ok with strange dogs coming into their home territory.
Picking up from our home: U agree not to bring any pets with you: Write Your Name here in agreement:
If picking up at our home What is Aprox pick up "date"? Or write "ASAP AT 8 WKS OF AGE":
If U Choose EAR CROP BY (OUR VET): You have read and agree to #3 below under Optional ADD ONS and also the EAR CROP CARE page of our breeder website and portion on Guarantee on ear crop and you take FULL responsibility for any reaction your pup may have during, or after this elective surgery. We prefer ALL pups are natural eared but understand some people only want a pup with ears cropped and in those cases hope you can find your own vet to do it after you have your pup. I hate putting pups through that pain for something that is only cosmetic. However we do offer it if you can not find a vet to do it but pup must be picked up right after surgery at 8 wks of age. That might mean your own vet taking out sutures if ears are cropped close to 8 wks of age.
Ear Natural or Cropped:*
Purchase Information:
Payment Options / Choose one. (If we are cropping ears U can not pay with Credit Card or Paypal.):*
Bank Wire
Mailed In Check or Money Order
Cash or PayPal Friends&Family
Credit Card by PayPal- has fee
Always call before making a payment to make sure puppy you want is available and so I can watch for your incoming payment and approve of the payment method you want to use. If you are picking your puppy up in person any amount owed is due in ONLY CASH at that time, since payments must clear before a puppy can leave.

You can always call me to walk you through the payment process: Tina 816-866-6104
Bank Wire or ZELLE: If you can`t pay in Cash BANK WIRE or ZELLE is the best way to pay. It is Secure and fast and you have proof your payment went from your bank account to my business account. So the puppy is on hold immediately. To make a bank wire payment: Contact your bank with my wire info to send the wire. TEXT ME IF ADDRESSES ARE NEEDED. Bank Transfer Information is: Bank Of America in Belton, MO Routing for incoming wires: #026009593 Account number: 355009654063

WHEN SENDING A BANK WIRE: PLEASE ADD $15 to your amount you are sending via wire for bank`s wire fee. You must put person’s name that has filled out this form on the actual wire transmission that is sent to my bank. If you fail to do this I will not know who or what pup the wire is for when I receive it. After you send a wire contact us the next business day to make sure it has cleared in our account and that we are actually holding the puppy for you.

ZELLE: Is a bank transfer and is free of charge, or so it usually is... My ZELLE transfer info to put in to send it is: jordangiants@yahoo.com

Fill out this form and choose NON PAYPAL PAY button after clicking Submit below.
Check or Money Orders: No puppy will leave us until checks clear the bank. No puppy is on hold until payment has cleared the bank. If mailing a check or money order always send it express overnight so I will get it ASAP and make sure it has tracking on it just in case it gets lost in the mail. Tracking is enough to prove I received the letter. Do not put a mandatory signature on it, so wave signature if needed, so they will leave it at my door if I`m not home. If you absolutely must have a signature then only send with USPS,(United States Postal Service) since other carriers are over an hour from my home and I can not drive an hour from my home to go pick up if I miss them. I prefer no signature needed so it will be left in my mail box or screened in porch for me if I`m not home. If you want to pay with a check or money order: Please call me first for my address to send the payment to.

Fill out this form and choose NON PAYPAL PAY button after clicking Submit below.

Cash and PayPal Friends and Family:
CASH: IF PAYING CASH PLEASE CHOOSE MAIL IN PAYMENT OPTION BELOW AT CHECKOUT AND EXPLAIN IN NOTES SECTION YOU ARE PAYING IN CASH. You can always pay your deposit or any other payments in cash if you are coming out to our home. If you are picking your puppy up in person and owe a remaining balance you must pay it in cash only… We do not take checks or any other payment if you are taking your puppy home that day because all payments must clear before puppy leaves our home. So if picking up in person always bring CASH for any remaining amount owed on the puppy.
PAYPAL FRIENDS AND FAMILY: You can pay this way if you already have a paypal account linked to your checking bank account. YOU CAN NOT CREATE AN ACCOUNT AND THEN SEND MONEY SAME DAY. PAYPAL holds funds from new accounts for weeks. So Paypal is only for those who already have a set up paypal account that works. FRIENDS AND FAMILY only works if you have your account attached to your checking account and not a bank card or credit card of any kind. You will fill out this form and choose NON PAYPAL checkout. Then you will need to go to www.paypal.com and login to YOUR paypal account and click on SEND MONEY and then FRIENDS AND FAMILY / TRUSTED INDIVIDUAL option which has no fee taken out. If you choose FOR GOODS then it will take the fee out. Don`t do that or you will owe us the fee. Remember to click FRIENDS AND FAMILY / TRUSTED INDIVIDUAL. Then you will put in my email address as the recipient. jordangiants@yahoo.com .... IF YOUR PAYPAL IS CONNECTED TO ANY CARD AT ALL IT WILL GO THROUGH AS GOODS AND WILL TAKE THE PayPal fee out. FRIENDS AND FAMILY VIA PAYPAL only works if you have it linked to an actual checking account.
Fill out this form and choose NON PAYPAL PAY button after clicking Submit below.
Credit Cards: Credit card and PayPal payments can take 48 business hours, or even up to 5 days in some cases, to clear and your puppy will not be on hold until it clears, so if you are worried about someone else getting the puppy you want best to do a bank wire. If paying by credit card choose PAYPAL PAYMENT option on this form and then put in your credit card info on the PayPal site for payment. You do not need a PayPal account to do this. You can use your PayPal account or your credit card with PayPal. You do not have to be a Paypal member to pay with a credit card through PayPal. Buyer agrees that no charge backs or disputes will be filed through a credit card company for ANY REASON. If there is an issue with the puppy covered by the guarantee the breeder/seller will replace the puppy or give a store credit if needed or will work with the buyer to make the situation right for all parties.
Fill out this form and choose the PAYPAL button after clicking Submit below.
Below choose DEPOSIT or PAY FOR PUP to put in an amount you are paying today. DO NOT FILL OUT BOTH FIELDS! Choose one or the other.

(This is the amount you will be paying today.)
So you do not need to fill out the add ons, shipping, or send full payment if you are just wanting to place a deposit. Instead Write in Notes section if you want to leave a note about something specific you want such as boarding. Call if you need help.
500 dollar deposit or SKIP
Puppy Payment you are paying today, or Skip:
Shipping, Call for price, Or SKIP:
Optional Add Ons, Call first to ok before adding:
1. Airline Shipping Insurance $10 for each $1000 protection against death or injury due to airline negligence. Pup will ship with NO insurance otherwise. No insurance for any other transport types other than what the transport themselves give.
2. Boarding $75 per each week. We will board up to two weeks or up to 10 wks of age whichever comes first. No boarding on pups with newly cropped ears.
3. Ear Cropping $450. Read EAR CROP Portion of Health Guarantee. We prefer not to do it but will if you can not find a local vet to do it yourself after you have your puppy and absolutely want it done. Puppy comes with ears still healing and you will have to post them. No boarding on pups with newly cropped ears. Keep in mind it is stressful for you and your puppy so if on the fence I say leave it natural. If you choose for us to crop the ears on your puppy all money owed must be paid in full at six weeks of age, before Ear Cropping. This is an elective procedure so if there is a reaction to the surgery, or pup gets sick from being at the vet office for surgery, or if the puppy dies from the surgery Ear Cropping cost and puppy price is not refunded. Keep in mind this was your choice for an elective cosmetic procedure and not our choice so full responsibility of surgical risks and vet stay are on you the puppy buyer. For this reason, we do not allow credit card payments for a puppy that will have ears cropped. If planning on our vet cropping the ears you will need to pay by cash, bank wire, zelle, or mail in check or money order the full amount of your puppy plus ear crop before we will crop the ears for you. Payment will need to clear in the bank before we get the ears cropped.
4. Or if other explain. example; WIRE FEE if sending bank wire of $15. Write: BANK WIRE FEE in first box and 15.00 in second box. It will then calculate it on the far right for you.
Add Ons 1 "Describe" 1st box, $ 2nd box:
Add Ons 2 "Describe" 1st box, $ 2nd box:
Add Ons 3 "Describe" 1st box, $ 2nd box:
Sub Total:
Tax (MO 8.22%):
Choose (BANK WIRE OR MAIL IN PAYMENT): option below if paying by: Bank wire, Any Mailed in type of payment, Cash, or Friends and family via Paypal.... If PAYPAL friends and family login to your own paypal account to send friends and family to our email address so you do not have to pay Paypal`s fee.


Choose (PAYPAL or CREDIT CARD): option below if you are paying with Paypal as for GOODS or with Credit Card via Paypal. This will add paypal`s fee.
Payment Type:*
Bank Wire, mailed in, other
Credit Card / PayPal -Adds FEE
Paypal Fee (3.72%)
Final Total with PayPal fee added:*
Final Total:*
Add a note:
Billing Information : If different person or info than the person picking pup up at airport explain above in Notes
If billing payment is made in a different name you must explain in NOTES ABOVE, so I can link payment to you.
First Name:*
Middle Initial:
Last Name:*
Address, NO PO BOXES! Line 1:*
Address Line 2:
Postal Code*
Must Read and Agree to Health Guarantee page at: www.akcgiantschnauzers.com
I Agree To Health Contract On Breeder`s Website.*
Must Read and Agree to all pages on www.akcgiantschnauzers.com website:
I Have Read and Agree to ALL pages as well as BLOG page On Breeder`s website.*
I understand and agree deposit is not refunded for any reason.*
I have an appointment set up within 3 business days of pups transfer with my vet:*
I will order the recommended food and vitamins to have on hand when puppy arrives:*
Any person sending a payment must be included as BUYERS: Explain ownership in Notes Above.
*Deposit: If we do not have a current puppy meeting the description you requested, you stay on deposit list until we do. We will give you 3 chances to accept a puppy that meets the description you gave on this form, before your deposit is forfeited. Deposits are nonrefundable and if something happens to your chosen puppy before transfer, your deposit is slid to the next puppy of your choice. If you change your mind on getting the puppy your deposit is forfeited, (NO EXCEPTIONS). When buying one of our puppies you are agreeing to this and everything else on our purchase contract/ health guarantee.
Click Submit Below, Then On Next Page
Choose: ``PAYPAL`` if paying with credit card through Paypal - 3.72% fee should have been added above... or
Choose: ``NON PAYPAL PAY`` if paying different way such as friends and family via Paypal, cash, mailed in payment, or bank wire.
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