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1. Complete and submit the order form at least one week ahead of time
2. Payment box must be filled in. Budget code or PO # is required unless it`s a PTA order. PTA orders, please use the Invoice box.
3. Questions can be sent via email to or call 425/385-4380
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Item & Case SizeItem PriceQtyTotal
 Baked Goods
Cookies Priced Per Dozen
Candy Pieces
Chocolate Chip, (peanut free facility cookie)
Strawberry Shortcake
Cinnamon Rolls
Large Cinnamon Rolls
Small Cinnamon Rolls
Individually Wrapped Treats
Cookies & Brownies
Fudge Brownie-96 Per Case
Red Velvet Cookie-90 Per Case
Rice Krispy Treats
Chocolate Chip Rice Krispy-80Per Case
Mini Rice Krispy Treats-600 Per Case
Original Rice Krispy Treat-80 Per Case
Apple Cinnamon Muffin, 1 Grain-72 Per Case
Banana Muffin, 1 Grain-72 Per Case
Blueberry Muffin, Otis 1 Grain-72 Per Case
Blueberry Muffin, Daves 2 Grain-60 Per Case
Chocolate Chip Muffin-60 Per Case
Whole Grain Donuts
Donut Bar, 2 Grain. Can be iced-93 Per Case
Donut Holes, Powdered 1 Grain-160 Per Case
Cinnamon and Brown Sugar Poptart-120 Per Case
Strawberry Poptart-120 Per Case
Frozen Treats
Blue Raspberry Sorbet Cups-96 Per Case
Celebration Cups-96 Per Case
Fudge Bar (Secondary Only)-48 Per Case
Ice Cream Sandwich (Secondary Only)-96 Per Case
Orange Dream Ice Cream Bar (Secondary Only)-48 Per Case
Orange Sorbet Cups-96 Per Case
Very Berry Juice Bar-100 Per Case
Apple Juice-96 Per Case
Large Water-35 Per Case
Small Water-48 Per Case
Chocolate Milk 8oz-50 Per Case
White Milk 8oz-50 Per Case
Capri Sun
Apple Splash Capri Sun-40 Per Case
Berry Breeze Capri Sun-40 per Case
Fruit Dive Capri Sun-40 Per Case
Fruit Punch Switch-24 Per Case
Grape Switch-24 Per Case
Kiwi Berry Switch-24 Per Case
Orange Switch-24 Per Case
Cracker Options
Chex Mix
Cheddar Chex Mix-60 Per Case
Chocolate Caramel Chex Mix-60 Per Case
Animal Crackers-150 Per Case
Cheez-It Crackers-175 Per Case
Chocolate Bear Graham Crackers-210 Per Case
Chocolate Elf Graham Crackers-150 Per Case
Cinnamon Bug Bite Graham Crackers-210 Per Case
Goldfish Crackers-300 Per Case
Scooby Snack, Cinn Graham Crackers-210 Per Case
Vanilla Sports Bites Crackers-150 Per Case
Waffle Strawberry Graham Crackers-300 Per Case
Smart Cookies
English & Spanish Smart Cookies-120 Per Case
Presidents Smart Cookies-120 Per Case
States & Capitol Cookies-120 Per Case
Other Snack Options
Tree Top Apple Slices-100 Per Case
Prepackaged Baby Carrots-200 Per Case
Colby Jack Cheese Sticks-120 Per Case
Mozzarella String Cheese-168 Per Case
Fruit Snacks
Scooby Doo Fruit Snacks-96 Per Case
Welch`s Mixed Fruit Snacks-144 Per Case
Other Items
Dutch Waffle (funnel cake for school fairs)-48 Per Case
Fruit Loop Cereal Pouch-96 1 ounce pouches Per Case
Granola Bar, Nature Valley Chewy Variety Pack-120 Per Case
Popcorn, Smartfoods Delight White Cheddar-72 Per Case
Sunflower Seeds, Honey Roasted, Shelled-150 Per Case
Total Due

Questions or Special Requests?
Contact Food & Nutrition Services at:
425-385-4380 or email
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